Basic Silicone Fusion Treatment


Basic Silicone Fusion Treatment

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Dermaclara clarafuse Basic Silicone Fusion Treatment with medical grade silicone to improve stretch marks.

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Clarafuse Basic Silicone Fusion Treatment from Dermaclara harnesses the power of medical grade silicone in its revolutionary clarafuse skin treatment to improve the appearance of skin imperfections like stretch marks, sun damage, and discoloration. Use clarafuse on the chest, hips, abdomen, or anywhere else on the body that needs quick results. Clinically shown to improve skin in an hour, clarafuse gives users a noninvasive, chemical-free solution to skin imperfections. Comes with claraprep creamy cleanser and claraline peptide serum.


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  1. Amazing product with amazing results! by April T, 6 days ago


    I bought this product for my daughter who has been so unhappy with stretch marks from her recent growth spurt. She is really embarassed to wear shorts or skirts and I had really no idea what to do. I thought we could give these silicone treatments a try since they are non-invasive and safe. She wore them for a night and she was thrilled to see they were faded the next morning! She used these for a month, wearing them every night, and we can’t even see a single mark now! She is so happy and feels much more confident now! I can’t believe how well they worked! I will be purchasing some for myself because I have heard great things about it working on wrinkles!

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  2. Comfortable to wear and worked for this mom of two by Gabby Petterson, 7 days ago


    When I first bought these silicone pads, I thought to myself, what a strange way to treat stretch marks. They look like body wraps but they’re not at all! These are sticky silicone sheets that you place on top of your stretch marks, in combination with their serum, and they get rid of your marks. It sounds crazy but it actually works! My marks are fairly old because I had my kids 8 years ago so I was worried this wouldn’t work on me. After my first week of wearing it daily, I could see a huge difference in my skin! My skin was softer and the marks were significantly faded! I have now used it for 2 months now and I can hardly tell they are there. The white marks are now looking like my skin and their texture has gone away too! My skin is so much smoother and its mark-free!

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  3. Silicone Fusion gave me my confidence back by Susan Armbar, 8 days ago


    I had c-sections for my three kids and because I had them pretty close to each other, the skin on my belly looks horrible! I adore my kids but it does make me sad to see the condition of my skin. I looked into surgical procedures but they are crazy expensive and I would rather use that money for my family. I thought I’d try this product since it is a very affordable treatment, I can’t be too mad if it didn’t work on my torn up belly. Shockingly, after the first week of using it, the marks lightened significantly and my skin felt very soft. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and my marks are undetectable and my c-section scar is much less noticeable than it used to be! I’m going to keep using this until my scar is faded because it’s been working so well! I am ordering one for my best friend, too because she just had her second kid and I know this would help her a lot!

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  4. Great product!! by Larisa Michaelson, 9 days ago


    I had my daughter when I was really young and I have some pretty severe stretch marks. It’s been 10 years now and I really want to get rid of them. Since my marks are pretty old, I didn’t think this would be very effective. I was very surprised to see that after a week of use, my marks looked a lot lighter! I think the combination of the serum and the silicone is helping my marks a lot. I cleanse the area, put on the serum, then I place the silicone on top to seal it all in. It’s been a little over a month now and I have seen a huge improvement in my old white stretch marks! You can barely tell they are there anymore!

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  5. Affordable and significant results by Xandria M, 10 days ago


    I’m not the kind of person to spend a lot of money on beauty or cosmetics products but when I got these stretch marks from my pregnancy, they really bothered me. I thought I’d give these products a try because they were very affordable compared to other stretch mark products. I had pretty severe stretch marks on my stomach and I actually ended up adding extra silicone pads to my order. After covering myself in silicone for the past month, I am so happy to report that my marks have faded significantly! I didn’t think there would be anything that could fix my torn up skin but stomach area looks better than ever! It still needs a bit of work but I really can’t complain because I saw results so quickly! I’m definitely a believer in this product and in this brand!

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