Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment


Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment

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Product Description

Dermaclara Clarafuse Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment with medical grade silicone to improve skin imperfections.

Product Detail

Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment from Dermaclara utilizes the power of medical grade silicone in its revolutionary clarafuse skin pads to improve the appearance of skin imperfections like stretch marks, lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and more. Use clarafuse on the face, chest, neck, abdomen, or anywhere else on the body that needs quick results. Clinically shown to improve skin in an hour, clarafuse gives users a noninvasive, chemical-free solution to skin problems. Comes with claraprep creamy cleanser and claraline peptide intensifying serum.


claraprep cleanser
claraline serum
clarafuse (2x Body)
FREE clarapulse (exfoliating device)




  1. Love that these are reusable... by Wendy, 6 days ago


    I love these silicone sheets for my stretch marks! They are reusable and washable, I have taken really good care of mine and they have lasted me for the past two months and going strong. I have seen a huge change in the number and depth of my stretch marks.

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  2. This really helped my daughter's stretch marks by Betty, 7 days ago


    I actually bought these for my teenage daughter, she is about to be 16, and after puberty she had some pretty noticeable stretch marks. She was really embarrassed about them and didnt want to go to the beach or wear shorts out in public. I tried to tell her to not worry so much about them but they really bothered her so I thought this product might help her. She has been using it for two months now and we have seen the stretch marks lighten and the discoloration fade! She is much happier and more confident now than ever. We are going on a family vacation in the summer and she is excited to shop for a new bathing suit.

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  3. Happy Momma! by C-money, 8 days ago


    I am a new momma and just had her first kid. While I was pregnant, I kept slowly seeing more and more stretch marks even though I slathered myself in creams and oils. I saw that this product was supposed to be really good for getting rid of stretch marks so I started using it right after I had my son. It really did a great job of fading my marks! I feel like I have a lot less stretch marks now and the skin around my belly is very soft.

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