Which Foods Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Skin?

Which Foods Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Skin?

Sure, you’re not likely to open up a freshly, salted and fried bag of potato chips and rub the gooey, greasy lining across your beautiful face. Although that sounds absurd, you may be surprised at how similarly your skin reacts to certain items that you do ingest (like, say, that greasy bag of potato chips you just opened.)

Here are a few food elements that could have you seeing red when you look in the mirror after a dietary cheat session.

Processed Sugars and Sweets and Cheats, Oh My! Foods with a high glycemic index of 55 or higher are born to be wild, and they’ll almost assuredly give you a sugar rush while you’re enjoying their sinful goodness. Your liver may not be able to absorb this sudden uptick of sugar, leaving it to your collagen to do the dirty work. Unwelcome inflammation can also cause you to break out. Foods lower on the glycemic index scale offer your body more stable intake experiences.

Joyful Java. Drinking coffee without a glass of water can dehydrate your skin and leave your cells feeling shriveled and thirsty. Coffee is a diuretic, which means it sucks up the hydration in your body like a sponge, which can lead to a loss of glow and supple skin. If you follow your morning Joe with a healthy dose of water, your body should balance it out, and you may experience positive effects. The key is in the hydration.

Unhappiness After Happy Hour. Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t look as bad as you feel if you’re hanging out with a hangover. The day-before-indulgences can really dry out your skin and bring your wrinkles out to make a grand appearance. Apply your best moisturizer to hydrate your skin and use the proteins in whole-fat milk to bring down your under-eye bags by pressing a compress with half-and-half or whole milk under your peepers.

A thorough skin care regimen is essential to maintaining a youthful, vibrant appearance, but what you do on the outside is just as important as what you put on the inside. Healthy (or unhealthy) eating habits can have a tremendous affect on the way your skin behaves. Great dietary health is great for beautiful skin and hair, too!

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