Easy Tips to Look Younger

Easy Tips to Look Younger

Let’s face it: none of us wants to get older. We may not be able to help getting older, but we can minimize looking older  And there’s no need to turn to expensive plastic surgery or repeated filler injections. There are just a few simple steps you can take to make you look younger instantly, with no visit to the cosmetic surgeon required!

Update your hairdo: Nothing makes you look more outdated than a  dated haircut. This telltale sign of advancing age can easily be updated by a quick trip to the salon. Look at actresses your age to see what’s age appropriate and modern, then consult with your hair stylist about what style will specifically works for you.

Maintain those pearly whites: A smile that looks like corn on the cob always betrays age. Years of dietary habits like coffee, red wine and berries make your teeth lose that gleam. Your dentist can bleach your teeth in about an hour, or, if you have patience, do it yourself with drugstore white strips over the course of one to two weeks.

Exercise: Not only does exercise do a body good, it also makes your skin look good. People who exercise regularly look quite a bit younger than their real ages. This is due to regular sweating that reduces free-radical damage. Plus, the increase in circulation allows nutrients to reach your skin and stimulate collagen production. So hit that elliptical!

Update makeup: Wearing the same makeup you wore in high school is a big no-no. Get with the times and head to the makeup counter for a mini-makeover. Skillfully applied new colors for eyes and lips will hit the pause button on aging.

Wardrobe Redo: Give your closet a wardrobe refresh by getting rid of things you haven’t worn in a year and adding a few new pieces to make it seem updated. Don’t choose items that are too young, though. Classic, well-made pieces will look polished and chic.

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