DDF Pro-Retinol Energizing Moisturizer


DDF Pro-Retinol Energizing Moisturizer

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Product Description

An anti-aging cream that provides hydration and energy to help minimize appearance of lines in skin.

Product Detail

DDF Pro-Retinol Energizing Moisturizer is an anti-aging moisturizer that contains a potent form of vitamin A combined with Omega-3 essential fatty acids and humectants to help refine and condition skin for firmer, more youthful-appearing skin tone and texture. It utilizes retinol to not only help firm skin, but to also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol tightens sagging skin and brightens the complexion, making it a key anti-aging weapon for aging skin. One pump of this unscented cream is enough to moisturize the entire face, and is a great day time moisturizer since it goes well with any makeup.